About The Course

There are many misconceptions concerning the unforgivable sin. Of course, this is a topic of great concern because it jeopardizes and scripturally annuls the relationship between Christ and the believer.

In this intriguing 10-part Video Series, Professor Meeka Six examines a series of Biblical texts that plainly lays out the one act that Jesus describes as unpardonable; the one sin he did not die for. As you're guided through these scriptures, you'll discover what Jesus specifically noted as the unforgivable sin based on the original Hebrew and Greek texts. You will be given a solid Biblical understanding as to personally avoid committing this foreboding act.

Recommended for:

  • Anyone interested in creating a more meaningful life through Biblical wisdom
  • Clergy looking for resources or inspiration to enhance their sermons or individuals seeking resources to enhance their ongoing spiritual journey
  • Fans of Meeka Six interested in Professor Meeka's insights on bringing more spirituality into their life

What knowledge and tools are required:

  • A King James translation of the Bible
  • A curious mind

What's included:

  • Inspiration and practical tips for living the lifestyle of one who truly fears and reverence the CREATOR
  • Video Lectures by Meeka Six
  • Textbook Readings
  • Comprehension Assessment

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